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Releasing: February 03, 1991

Monica at the Castle of the Dragon is a game Sega Master System released by Brazilian Tec Toy in 1991 , starring the character of comics , Monica . The game is an official graphical and textual reprogramming made ​​by Tectoy , in partnership with Mauricio de Sousa Productions , authorized by Sega , the original game Wonder Boy in Monster Land . The game had a sequel called Monica in Rescue , and a remake Mega Drive, called Monica in the Land of Monsters . The two also were modified versions of games Wonderboy series.

The game became one of the great successes of the Master System, having accompanied the island both in normal version and a pink version, to attract girls. He has also been adapted for comics Monica in an edition.

The game is a platform in which players control Monica, armed with her ​​stuffed rabbit Samson (replacing the Wonder Boy of spades). Monica has to go through twelve stages, each with monsters, items and own scenarios. The left and right arrows to walk, up arrow enters the house down active magic button, A button attacks and selects items in stores, and the B jumps and passes lines. Each city has a store to purchase items that include shield, armor, boots and magic. Monica initially has 5 hit points represented by hearts, which will be wearing when she is attacked by enemies. New hearts are won every 100,000 points, which are earned by winning stages. An hourglass representing the time to complete the phase appears along the top, and when it is exhausted Monica begins to lose life. Collect small hourglasses or visit hotels and hospitals restores the time.