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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (Credits)

LucasArts Entertainment

Ron GilbertCreator
Ron GilbertDesigner
Tim SchaferWriter
Tami BorowickWriter
Dave GrossmanWriter
Brett BarrettWriter
Ron GilbertWriter
Tim SchaferProgrammer
Tami BorowickProgrammer
Dave GrossmanProgrammer
Brett BarrettProgrammer
Ron GilbertProgrammer
Peter ChanBackground Art
Steve PurcellBackground Art
Sean TurnerBackground Art
James DollarBackground Art
Sean TurnerAnimator
Larry AhernAnimator
Mike McLaughinAnimator
Steve PurcellAnimator
Ken MacklinAnimator
Collette MichaudAnimator
Peter ChanAnimator
Michael LandMusic
Peter McConnellMusic
J. Anthony WhiteArrangements
Robin GoldsteinArrangements
James HamptonLead Playtester
Jim CurrentPlaytester
Kristina SontagPlaytester
Justin GrahamPlaytester
Chip HinnenbergPlaytester
Eli MarkPlaytester
Jon VanPlaytester
Jo AshburnAdditional Testing
Wayne ClineAdditional Testing
James HanleyAdditional Testing
Kirk LesserAdditional Testing
Bret MogilefskyAdditional Testing
Tabitha TostiAdditional Testing
Howard HarrisonAdditional Testing
David WessmanAdditional Testing
Khris BrownAdditional Testing
Erin CollierAdditional Testing
Gwen MusengwaAdditional Testing
EzraAdditional Testing
SquiggyAdditional Testing
Ron GilbertSCUMM Story System Creator
Aric WilmunderSCUMM Story System Creator
Brad P. TaylorSCUMM Story System Creator
Vince LeeSCUMM Story System Creator
Michael LandiMUSE Music System Creator
Peter McConnelliMUSE Music System Creator
Shelley DayProducer
Ron GilbertProject Lead
David W. CollinsVoice Director
Collette MichaudAdditional Art
Avril HarrisonAdditional Art
Aaron MuszalskiAdditional Art
Gary WinnickAdditional Art
Christine Benson MillerLettering Artist
Andrea SiegelProofreading
Jo AshburnProofreading
Alexa EurichFun and Excitement Supervisor
Michele HarrellGum Chewing

Lucasfilm Games

Doug GlenGeneral Manager
Kelly FlockDirector of Development
Lucy BradshawAssociate Director of Development
Robin ParkerProduct Marketing Manager
Sue SesermanPublic Relations
Tom Kuhn Custom Yoyos, Ltd.Yoyos (Support Company)
Cynthia WuthmanDirector of Sales
Khris BrownProduct support
Gwen MusengwaProduct support
Erin CollierProduct support
Livia MackinProduct support
Lisa StarInternational Coordinator
Noah FalsteinGoofy Pun Consultant
Paul ThermidorEnvironmental Specialist
Annemarie BarrettAdministrative Support
Wendy BertramAdministrative Support
Meredith CahillAdministrative Support
Alexa EurichAdministrative Support
Claudia HardinAdministrative Support
Michele HarrellAdministrative Support
Brenna Kurpa HoldenAdministrative Support
Marcia KeaslerAdministrative Support
Debbie RattoAdministrative Support
Lisa StarAdministrative Support
Kim ThomasAdministrative Support
James WoodAdministrative Support
Dawn YamadaAdministrative Support
Sparky The Wonder YakAdministrative Support
Commander ButtonheadFeelings Coordinator
Lucy BradshawWrangling
Paul HillInspiration and Admiration


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

92 /100

Released: 1991

Wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood, and the now zombie pirate LeChuck, return in what has long been considered one of the greatest LucasArts adventure games of all time.

Having seemingly defeated the evil ghost...