Monochroma is a cinematic puzzle platformer that takes place in an industrial-alchemical environment. It's about being a kid, having a younger brother, growing up, falling down and solving some other puzzles.

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A kid, growing up with a younger brother, makes a perilous journey in a dystopian world. Manipulating the world around him the elder brother must take care of his younger brother while traveling through a dreary and dangerous world of an alternate 1950’s.

Monochroma is a puzzle platformer that is simple yet challenging at the same time. The puzzles are not too hard to figure out, but many can quite challenging. There are also many instances where timing and speed is important—Monochroma is not simply a walk in the park. Gameplay consists of the older brother who must carry his younger brother around. Having the younger brother on your back makes you not able to jump as high or run as quickly which at points in the game you need to do. The little brother fears the dark and the only place you put him down is in specific well-lit areas. This makes gameplay interesting; solving the puzzles while making sure the younger brother is safe and never too far as well.

The story is well told without words or text through five chapters. The setting, the visuals, and even the score tell the tale very well with the differences between the chapters being evident and pronounced. If you want to understand the story you need to be actively involved. I didn’t have a problem figuring out what was going on but some people have reviewed that they did.

The world is beautifully crafted in simple monochromatic color scheme with touches of red here and there. This method elevates not only the story but the art style as well. The stylistic depiction of the harrowing world is very memorable and quite stunning.

I used the controller to play Monochroma as it seemed a more natural way to play. The controls seem a bit clunky from time to time, causing jumps to be missed or, quite often, horrible deaths. However, you get used to it over time with only a couple of parts of the game that may frustrate you. This is not to say that sluggish controls are okay, its just that overall it didn’t effect gameplay too much.

Achievements are easy; three of them are based on the story while two are not attached to the story at all. If you missed these other two achievements, you can use the chapter select screen to go back and get them. While there are not a lot of achievements; the amount of them is fine for such a short game. Getting all the achievements was fun enough and somewhat challenging.

Monochroma is a good game, not great, but a good game. It is reminiscent of LIMBO and Dark the Fall but manages to make its own name in this genre. For a short game, the full price is a bit steep and I would advise getting it while it is on sale but other than that I recommend giving Monochroma a chance…I think you will like it.

Positive points
  • Art style,
  • Story,
  • Challenging puzzles
Negative points
  • Sluggish controls,
  • Short game


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