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Releasing: July 18, 2006

Oh no! Old man Nebbercracker's house is eating anything and anyone who gets near it, and Halloween is almost here! So grab your Water Blaster, gather up your courage, and get ready to explore the Monster House™ to find out its secrets.

Monster House is an old-school shoot 'em up based on Columbia Pictures' animated movie of the same name. With the help of your touch screen controlled water gun, you explore the house room by room, fighting off waves of enemies (assorted household objects) coming from every direction. You also pick up various power-ups along the way. You can play as each of the three characters from the film - DJ, Chowder, and Jenny.

Monster House is an action-adventure game developed by Artificial Mind and Movement and published by THQ. Although the game was marketed toward the same pre-teen audience as the accompanying film, its gameplay was highly reminiscent of Resident Evil 4; the game was generally higher-quality than many other games based on children's films, and it received high ratings from numerous prominent gaming magazines and websites, including Play magazine and GameZone.

Monster House was met with mixed reviews. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the Game Boy Advance version 66.50% and 69/100, the GameCube version 65.13% and 60/100, the DS version 63.65% and 62/100 and the PlayStation 2 version 60.64% and 59/100.

This game is heavily inspired by classics like Robotron and Smash TV.