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IMPLOSIONs Review [10.0/10]


I have to say, this is one of the few games I'm happy to pay €70 for

Nikotohs Review [9.0/10]

Nikotoh created

Very enjoyable hack'n'slash. Works great as a solo player or with friends/strangers.

datacenters Review [2.0/10]

datacenter created

Yet another sloppy console port with a feel of a 2001 game. Really hated the moody controls, but the animations combined with the controls is a heavy mess and it does not feel snappy as a normal hack'n' slash... which is the main thing in that game genre.

MagicJeks Review [3.0/10]

MagicJek created

The most anticipated game of this year The biggest disappointment of this year The adv battage makes hype for a foregone and very repetitive game

LancelotWiggins Review [10.0/10]

LancelotWiggins created

I love this game! It's my first foray into the monster hunter games and its excellent, I've spent over a hundred hours in it. I decided to write a couple articles that highlight some issues and questions I had when I first started playing it, I hope these are helpful for whoever might stumble across them :)

NeoOdysseys Review [10.0/10]

NeoOdyssey created

Ok ok, We can't play to Monster Hunter Online and I was disappointed BUT Capcom gave us a AWESOME Monster Hunter World in PC and for this I say THANK YOU ! It is a success and I advise again today with the release of Iceborn soon !

GamesTunnels Review [10.0/10]

GamesTunnel created

MHW is my first entrance to Monster Hunter franchise and I'm so happy I decided to buy this game. It's amazing.