Monster Rancher Explorer Press kit


Release Date:

Game Boy Color



The MONSTER RANCHER franchise returns with this thoroughly entertaining adventure for handheld gamers. Help the well-meaning Cox fight through 60 enormous, puzzle-filled levels, fending off certain monsters while allying yourself with others. Each level requires you to find a hidden key in order to advance to the next stage, a task that becomes increasingly difficult as things progress. Luckily, you're not going at it alone. You can unlock such friendly beasts as Gali, Hare, Mocchi, Suezo, and Tiger in order to help you fend off all enemies. Each of the friendly monsters serves as a power-up of sorts, increasing your overall speed, granting you temporary invincibility, and more. Fans of the series know just how fun collecting and utilizing monsters can be, and the premise is at its absolute best in this GBA installment. Cool, anime-style graphics abound throughout the massive gaming experience, which allows you to play alone or square off against a fellow Rancher.


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