Time until Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Computer Game release!

Already released in undefined on Amiga

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Commodore C64/128
Amstrad CPC
ZX Spectrum



You control Mr. D.P Gumby and, understandably, you have to get back his 4 pieces of brain. This is not easy. If it was, this game would not be a game of skill and fun, now would it?

There are four skill levels to this game, a piece of brain is being held on each skill and fun level. The levels are all quite different in a skill and fun sort of way, but all have different things in common. Good things like sausages, eggs, beans, spam (skill) and cheese (fun) and bad things like dead parrots.

Because each level is quite different in a skill and fun sort of way, Mr. Gumby cannot always walk, so, his body is changed to suit the surroundings. Like on the first level, where he is changed into a fish to swim in the maze like underwater caverns.
When each level runs out there is no more, Mr. Gumby is changed back to normal (well normal for him) and he is sick, all the good things picked up along the way go in a big hole and are counted for points. Best of all though if you got 16 lots of spam Mr. Gumby can have a piece of his brain back. Then you have to do it all again.