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Releasing: July 12, 1988

A pinball game published by Squaresoft for the Famicom Disk System.

Moon Ball Magic is a pinball game released exclusively through the Famicom Disk System's "Disk Writer" service, where the player must write the game onto an existing FDS disk before playing it. As such, it has no box art and is difficult to find. It was published by Squaresoft through their DOG label, though it (and Akuu Senki Raijin, which was released on the same day) would be the last games ever published through that label - Square would focus on regular Famicom carts from then on.

Moon Ball Magic begins with a fake-out, as dropping the ball in one of the nearby holes will begin an elaborate intro sequence which the player can control. Whatever score they earn will also carry over into the game proper once it begins. The game has eleven tables and the player can move to the next one by putting the pinball down a difficult-to-reach hole. Later levels provide more points, though are more difficult as well.