Morita Kazuo no Shogi Press kit


Release Date:

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)



A Famicom Shogi game developed by Random House and published by Seta.

Morita Kazuo no Shogi ("Kazuo Morita's Shogi") is a Shogi game from Random House. The game's namesake, Kazuo Morita, is a famous Japanese Shogi player that had previously been attached to several Shogi games prior to this one. Furthermore, Random House (not to be confused with the famous book publisher) is his development company.

As well as playing regular Shogi against an AI opponent, the player has a few options regarding the set-up of the pieces. There is a mode where they place all the tiles on the board themselves, in case they wish to continue an existing game or maybe replay a famous match at its turning point.


Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)