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Mortal Kombat II (Credits)

Richard DivizioBaraka
Hosung PakLiu Kang
Carlos PesinaRaiden
Daniel PesinaJohnny Cage, SubZero, Scorpion, Reptile
Katalin ZamiarKitana, Mileena
Anthony MarquezKung Lao
Phillip Ahn M.D.Shang Tsung
John ParrishJax
Ed BoonDesign and Software
John TobiasDesign and Graphics
Dan FordenSounds and Music
Tony GoskieBackground Graphics
John VogelAdditional Graphics
Neil NicastroExecutive Producer
Ken FedesnaExecutive Producer
Sheridan OurslerSenior Hardware Technician
Ray MacikaHardware Design
Pat CoxHardware Design
Cary MednickHardware Design
Ray GayHardware Design
Al LaskoHardware Design
Matt BootyDCS Sound System
Ed KeenenDCS Sound System
John LowesDCS Sound System
Steve RitchieSpeech
Jon HeySpeech
Vince PontarelliSpeech
Dan (Toasty) FordenSpeech
Ed BoonSpeech
Mark RunyonShao Kahn Costume
Mark PenachoSpecial Thanks
George PetroSpecial Thanks
Shawn LiptakSpecial Thanks
Warren DavisSpecial Thanks
Bill DabelsteinSpecial Thanks
Jeff JohnsonSpecial Thanks
Mark TurmellSpecial Thanks
Sal DivitaSpecial Thanks
Jason SkilesSpecial Thanks
Paul DussaultSpecial Thanks
Roger SharpeSpecial Thanks
Eric KinkeadSpecial Thanks
Jake SimpsonSpecial Thanks
Steve BeranSpecial Thanks
Paul BarkerSpecial Thanks
John McCafferSpecial Thanks
Lee SchiffSpecial Thanks
Jin ImSpecial Thanks
The Internet GuysSpecial Thanks
Kerry MarzoGame Tester/Specialist
Eddie FerrierGame Tester/Specialist


Mortal Kombat II

76 /100

Released: 1993

500 years ago, Shang Tsung was banished to the Earth Realm. With the aid of Goro he was to unbalance the furies and doom the planet to a chaotic existence. By seizing control of the shaolin tournament he tried to tip...