MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Genre: Racing

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This is a street racing game in which players drive customizable trucks, motorcycles, and cars through post-apocalyptic cityscapes. Players race through courses to compete for first place and can collide with obstacles and other drivers; crashes are sometimes accompanied by large explosions. In some sequences, players are able to run over pedestrians, who react to damage with a rag-doll effect. Cutscenes sometimes depict characters being kicked, punched, or shot at. Some female characters are shown in low-cut tops that reveal large amounts of cleavage. In one cutscene, a woman adjusts her breasts while talking to another character (e.g., 'Hey, not many guys look me in the eye!'). The game also contains some bathroom humor: a cutscene in which several men talk while sitting in restroom stalls—flatulence can be heard in the background. Players can access a picture gallery with descriptions for several characters: one image depicts a man named Chronic who holds an oversized cigarette; another character is described as once being 'in a haze of peyote and adrenaline.' The word 'sh*t' appears in the dialogue, and players' character sometimes taunts opponents by sticking out his middle finger.

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