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My Time at Portia (Credits)

Pathea Games

Zhi XuGame Director
Zifei WuProducer
Dylan LiProducer
Calvin XieTech Director
Aaron DengMarketing Director
Production Team
Jiangbo ZhuLead Programmer
Zhi XuLead Designer
Zifei WuLead Writer
Qian HuangLead 3D Artist
Xiang XuLead Animator
Wei ZhouLead Concept Artist
Wei YanLead UI Artist
Longyun ZhanLead Quality Assurance
Zifei WuScenario
Zhi XuScenario
Qiyun RanProgrammer
PugeeProgrammer (Support Company)
WondermSwiftProgrammer (Support Company)
Li LuoProgrammer
Zhe LiProgrammer
Haotian LuoProgrammer
Lingjun LiProgrammer
Cheng WangProgrammer
Yufeng LuProgrammer
Dylan LiDesigner
Bo LiuDesigner
Zhihua JiangDesigner
Wei MoDesigner
Yuting ZhouDesigner
Shifeng YeDesigner
Hao ZhongDesigner
Xinming LiDesigner
Tianzuo LuoDesigner
Ben YinDesigner
Bo ZhangDesigner
Zhi XuWriter
Muren GaoqiuWriter
Yuting ZhouWriter
Chris MullinsWriter
Louise ShanksWriter
Lucy Ann JonesWriter
Lucy SaundersWriter
Stephanie M.Writer
Qi Yuan3D Artist
Qizeng Sun3D Artist
Ji Zhang3D Artist
Hechuan Huang3D Artist
Kejing Liu3D Artist
Yuan Tian3D Artist
Kuan Guo3D Artist
Hongtao Jiang3D Artist
Yayun Wei3D Artist
Xu He3D Artist
Youyu ZhangAnimator
Ye JiangAnimator
Tao ShiAnimator
Huiwen GanAnimator
ShanDong TangAnimator
Long TangConcept Artist
Ziqing QiConcept Artist
Yanhui SunConcept Artist
Wei YanConcept Artist
Yun WangUI Artist
Xin GuoEffect
Wei YanEffect
Vesilev AleksetSound Designer
Zhe XuSound Designer
Zhi XuSound Designer
Claude RuelleMusic
Haoming WangQuality Assurance
Yang Liu (I)Quality Assurance
Zhengjiang YuQuality Assurance
YuXin QinQuality Assurance
XiangNan LiuQuality Assurance
Hanxiao JiangThird Party Resource Manager
Lei ShiMarketing Team
Martin DanielMarketing Team
Luo Jian ZhaoMarketing Team
Luminaire ZealMarketing Team
Renjie ZhuMarketing Team
BianHong WuMarketing Team
QingWei YuMarketing Team
MengYu HuangMarketing Team


Debbie BestwickCommercial Team
Ade LawtonCommercial Team
Harley HomewoodCommercial Team
Matthew BensonCommercial Team
Troy HortonCommercial Team
Benjamin EllisCommercial Team
David ForsterCommercial Team
Ste StanleyCommercial Team
Danny SpiteriCommercial Team
Will PalmerCommercial Team
Matthew HighCommercial Team
Christie MouldingCommercial Team
Ashley DayCommercial Team
Jonno StantonCommercial Team
Karl Andre PedersenCommercial Team
Lauren MayCommercial Team
David BakerCommercial Team
Dan BrowneCommercial Team
James McGregorCommercial Team
Bethany AstonCommercial Team
Holly CooperCommercial Team

My Time at Portia

79 /100

Released: 2019

My Time at Portia is a simulation open world RPG game. The world is set in a post-apocalypse setting. Humans are few and relics from the past are everywhere. The player will need to start a new life in a town on the...