My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is a simulation open world RPG game. The world is set in a post-apocalypse setting. Humans are few and relics from the past are everywhere. The player will need to start a new life in a town on the edge of civilization ...

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Review: nanabells Review

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I came into this not expecting anything, and was pleasantly surprised! At 80hrs, and I haven't finished the main storyline yet.

Positive points
  • 1. My husband, Gust.
  • 2. I find the voices and the voice acting to be incredibly pleasant. Props to Petra's voice actress!
  • 3. The camera, the character's poses, and the ability to put pictures in picture frames on the wall work together very well for a very charming feature.
Negative points
  • 1. Higgins.
  • 2. There were a lot of bugs, one of them being that I couldn't access the Tree Farm.
  • 3. The mining system can get repetitive. The upgrade to your goggles doesn't help much when you're trying to get that one last piece of an artifact.
  • 4. The characters are charming, but they need more event-specific dialogue.


Total score