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Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Platforms: SteamOS, Nintendo 3DS, Mac, Windows Phone, PC (Microsoft Windows), iOS, Android

Mystery Case Files: Return To Ravenhearst is an adventure-puzzle casual game developed by Big Fish Studios, and distributed by Big Fish Games. It is the fifth installment in the Mystery Case Files series. The game is available exclusively at Big Fish Games website. The Mystery Case Files franchise is the number one brand in casual games and has sold more than 2.5 million units to date.

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Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst takes players back to Ravenhearst Manor, a mysterious 19th century mansion constructed by Charles Dalimar as a symbol of affection for his love/obsession, Emma Ravenhearst. In the first visit to the mansion, taking place within Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst, players explored the haunted dwelling and pieced together the mystery of the mansion's now-deceased namesake. In Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, The Queen has summoned the player back to the now-decrepit mansion to shed some light on the manor's dark past and put the mysteries of Ravenhearst to rest.
Once you return to the manor, you will discover that there is more to the mansion than meets the eye, there is still a section of the manor unexplored, and some parts that you have already explored that have been refurbished by Charles' tormented spirit. You must now uncover the secret of what happened to Charles after he murdered Emma, and put a stop to his psychotic obsession once and for all. You must also discover what happened to Rose after Charles murdered Emma then search for her body hidden in the manor and free her spirit.
As you go through the mansion you find out that Charles took Rose and her two daughters and has them in coffins with tubes in them for a reason. through the course of the game you find out Charles has a machine, powered by the souls of Rose and her daughters, that is keeping him alive in the present day. It is also revealed that he had raped Rose, which led to the birth of his son, Victor. Eventually you discover a hidden room with the machine Charles uses to keep him alive and it is there you solve the final puzzle.
In the end of the very last puzzle, the warped and disfigured spirit of Charles Dalimar (preserved by souls in a tank) begins to deteriorate, ordering his son, Victor, to 'take the device (time machine), and run far, far, far away'. Victor gets away, meaning the entire Dalimar family is not yet extinguished. While the time machine launches, the disabled immortality machine explodes, setting Ravenhearst Manor ablaze. You and Victor are the only living persons to escape, as the souls of Emma, Rose, and the twins ascend from the conflagration which destroys the Estate.
The eighth game in the series, Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst, continues the Ravenhearst story-arc.