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In the past, Gloria Codington, the owner of a large estate, confronts an evil entity called the Shade, who resides in a large mirror. In the present, the Master Detective, learns her friend Eleanor Codington (Gloria's granddaughter) has gone missing while trying to reopen the estate. With the Queen's permission, she goes there to find her despite learning of the Shade's presence there.

Inside a guard house, the detective meets Camille, a designer who works for Eleanor. The two work together to reach the estate's entrance, but Camille is captured by the Shade. Searching the manor for Eleanor and Camille, the detective finds the Shade's mirror but is caught by the entity and pulled into a mirrored reality. While traveling through the mirror dimension, the detective rescues a maid named Gemma and finds Eleanor, who reveals that doing a blood ritual on the mirror at the end of the mirror dimension allows them to escape and stop the Shade; however, it has to be the blood of a Codington.

Upon finding the mirror, they perform the blood ritual, but nothing happens. They rescue Gemma a second time, who suddenly disappears, leaving a clue that reveals Eleanor isn't Gloria's descendant and that Gloria is the only one who can stop the Shade. They rescue Camille, who has been enslaved by the Shade, and find Gloria, who is under the Shade's spell. After freeing her, Gloria performs the blood ritual to destroy the Shade, but stays behind to destroy the mirror as Camille, Eleanor, and the detective escape back to the real world.

In the Bonus Content, which takes place before the main game, Gordon Codington (Eleanor's ancestor), who had been recently sent away from home, returns to the estate and encounters Gemma's ghost, who directs him to the garden. He later learns Gemma is trapped in the estate by the Shade and can't move on until the Shade's curse is broken. After finding and repairing the Shade's mirror, the Shade is suddenly freed from its prison, having tricked Gordon into setting it free. It then tries to imprison Gordon in the mirror but he defeats the Shade and re-imprisons it in the mirror. It vows to return before Gordon shatters the mirror. Gordon then locks up the estate to ensure that the Shade will never be freed.


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