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Releasing: December 09, 1988

A Famicom Disk System adventure game developed by Sunsoft in 1988.

Nankin no Adventure is a Famicom Disk System adventure game from SunSoft that plays much like every other Famicom adventure game of the era. The player selects commands from a menu in order to talk to NPCs and solve puzzles which will eventually allow them to progress. As with many of these Famicom text adventures there is a linear critical path that the player must follow in order to move to new areas and reach the next point of the story.

Nankin refers to a semi-obscure manga artist of the same name who was behind much of the art design of the game. Though the game doesn't include any of his pre-existing licenses, his distinctive art style is present throughout. This approach might be equated to Akira Toriyama's artistic involvement with the Dragon Quest and Chrono games.