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Already released Worldwide [WW] on PlayStation

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Nothing can beat the intense competition of NBA basketball, and now you can experience that action on your PlayStation with NBA SHOOTOUT '97. Every team and player in the NBA has been included so you'll find that your favorite team is intact. You can challenge a friend or the computer to a single game in the Exhibition mode, or try to prove that you are a master by leading a team to the World Championship in the Season mode. When you don't want to deal with a season, skip it and go straight to the Playoffs. All of the modes can be played as a simulation (that counts every foul and violation) or a wide-open arcade-style game that lets you run and gun without worrying about all the rules. The most innovative feature is the icon passing system that ensures you get the ball into the right player's hands. Now you can get some of the best basketball action available with NBA SHOOTOUT '97.