Need For Speed: Payback Reviews

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An Enjoyable Dissapointment [6.0/10]

Majkowski created

This game was kind of a dissapoitment. Obviously, the Need for Speed series as we all used to love it a few years back is gone forever. This isn't NFS anymore. It has a story that would be bad even for Fast and Furious, cutscenes with terrible lip syncing and there's always someone talking during races. But there are few good things too. The gra...

kulkoffs Review [9.0/10]

kulkoff created

Over all I liked it, despite all the negative reviews the game is fun

shadi-bashers Review [7.0/10]

shadi-basher created

Nice graphical version, but yet nothing new to introduce to players.

Hrstars Review [4.0/10]

Hrstar created

Need for Speed: PayBack was on 'ok' game as a standalone. However, if seen in the context of the previous instalments, it does not hold a candle to them. This game cut a lot of corners when it came to animations i.e. cutscenes. Choosing to simply have two cars stand next to each other and have the voice actors speak. Payback had so much potentia...