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cerpintext's review of Neon White [8.0/10]

very addicting gameplay loop, top music, and in-spite of the mostly awfully cringe characters and dialogue the interactions and storylines were often charming and funny! some of the larger levels showed some rather tedious issues with the gameplay though. the quick-reload level takes a good 2 seconds which adds up quickly when going for top time...

Maxim_Nazarenko's review of Neon White [10.0/10]

Neon White is a first person shooter with platformer elements and speedrun core. Incredible level design, fast-paced gameplay, different weapons and skills, highly replayable. You will need to complete the level as quickly as possible, and also try to get gifts and other things in each level. Dialogues are kinda meaningless, but the storytelli...

the_last_b's review of Neon White [9.0/10]

La trama y los diálogos ponen a prueba tu paciencia pero fuera de eso el gameplay es tan pero tan bueno que realmente cubre por eso, es genial en tantos sentidos y me encanta