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Net King's Call

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy, Tactical, Turn-based strategy (TBS)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Net King’s Call is a blend of Turn-Based Strategy and Real-Time Battles! Ever been hit by an unexpected critical hit killing your favorite unit? Have your perfectly planned attacks failed because of an accuracy chance mechanic? Do you want to be part of the action? If you want to control a digital empire while fighting on the front-lines yourself, answer the Net King’s Call! Fight your own battles: In every battle... Read More

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Conquer the map in turn-based strategy!
Fight your own battles in real-time combat!


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A hero is needed. The once mighty ruler of the Net, the Net King, has died, leaving a dangerous rift in the balance of power on the Net. For years, those vying for power have plunged the Net further and further into chaos. Only by controlling the legendary Net King’s fortress can order be restored. But the fortress vanished with its master. In the face of this bleakness, young Peter Matthews has not abandoned hope. He will journey into the war-torn wastelands of the Net, forging new friendships and battling daunting foes, all for the sake of restoring peace to a fractured Net. At long last, the time has finally come, for a hero to answer the Net King’s Call.