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Releasing: November 29, 1993

New 3D Golf Simulation: Pebble Beach no Hatou (ペブルビーチの波涛) is a 1992 golf game for the PC-98 by T&E Soft in their New 3D Golf Simulation series which takes place at the Pebble Beach Golf Links golf course in California. T&E Soft ported the game to the Sega Mega Drive in 1993 along with three other New 3D Golf Simulation games; however, unlike those three ports, this one did receive an international release under T&E's equivalent True Golf Classics label as Pebble Beach Golf Links.

It was later brought to the Sega Saturn; in Japan this version was called Pebble Beach Golf Links: Stadler ni Chousen (PEBBLE BEACH GOLF LINKS ~スタドラーに挑戦~). Despite being on a newer system, the game does not take particular advantage of the Saturn's features and continues to use the same rendering style as the entries on previous-generation machines. It does add an overhauled UI, more fluid player animations, and videos of professional golfer Craig Stadler (hence the Japanese name) giving suggestions before each hole.

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