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Releasing: March 29, 2012

New Little King's Story is a re-imagined version of the Nintendo Wii game "Little King's Story" that was released in 2009. The vita version changes a lot of the original mechanics, contains a new story, and uses touch based controls.

"New Little King's Story comes to PS Vita for the very first time! Based on the classic action adventure RPG, players can enter the role of King Corobo and experience his incredible journey to win back his kingdom. Rise up to regain all that was lost to the Devil King, The Nightmare. As King, you will visit seven different locations and take on battles against evil dark lords that have captured the royal princesses. Lead your Royal Guard in every grand battle. Charge and retreat with a single command! Plan your attacks wisely and you can increase your army of citizens and broaden your territories! It’s an exciting adventure you won’t want to miss!"