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Already released in undefined on PC (Microsoft Windows)

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PC (Microsoft Windows)
Game Boy Color



Professional hockey comes to the Game Boy Color with NHL 2000. You can choose from all of the NHL teams, including the expansion Atlanta Thrashers. Play an Exhibition game to work on your tactics and strategies, and when you are ready for long-term competition, try to endure an 82-game Season, or just skip straight to the Playoffs. While in the game, you will have to learn when to make line changes and determine when it's a good time to pull the goalie. In addition to these tactical decisions, you must also deal with penalties and infractions including offsides, two-line passes, and icing. However, you can customize the game by turning off certain rules and setting the referee's strictness. In addition, there are three different difficulty levels. Will you be able to claim the Stanley Cup? The only way to find out is by playing NHL 2000.