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Nintendo Scope 6

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Genre: Shooter

Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Super Scope 6, known as Nintendo Scope 6 in Europe and Australia, was the title Nintendo bundled with the Super Scope for the Super NES. As the name suggests, the cartridge contains six games that require the Super Scope to play.

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When the player turns on the SNES with the Super Scope 6 cartridge inserted, they will be presented with a title screen that reads Super NES Super Scope 6 in red italicized letters across the top of the screen. The bottom is filled with a diagram of the Super Scope and the names of its buttons. The player must shoot the screen to begin the game.
The next screen is the calibration routine required by all Super Scope titles. The screen displays a white target with a blue background. The player is instructed to shoot the "bull's-eye" of the target. Doing so tells the SNES where the center of the screen is relative to the Super Scope and its interface box. After calibration, the player is asked to test the aim to verify its accuracy. It is not required to shoot the bullseye this time, but it's important that the shot mark lines up with where the player aimed and fired though. If the player misses the bullseye during calibration, or if they move the Super Scope or its interface box afterwards, the shots fired in game will not be accurate.