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A disappointingly shallow and hollow experience [4.0/10]

NyanPrime created

I wanted No Man’s Sky to be an intriguing journey of exploration in a vast universe. Sadly, there’s just not enough substance in the game to pull off that fantasy and it ends up being a disappointingly shallow and hollow experience. The only thing that kept me going past the initial hours of the game was wanting to uncover more of the story. ...

JonLaurence0911s Review [7.0/10]

JonLaurence0911 created

,when one dismisses their overblown expectations and the out-right misleading comments made by the developer, the vanilla game, without mods is a 7 That being said, with the appropriate mods the game begins to reach its potential...its been out less than a month so i imagine its updates in conjunction with its official mods will raise it to an...

Great Potential Ruined By Bad Execution [5.0/10]

kaishin created

I initially enjoyed the game and played a whole 10 hours where I tried to interact with anything I came across. After that I started to realize how repetitive and cookie-cutter the game gets. Lack of objectives and asset reuse aside, the game crashes a lot. I lost at least 3 hours of tedious mining and warping in total when the game crashes afte...

Ecofriendlypandas Review [4.0/10]

Ecofriendlypanda created

(Review from a month after the game released, not to date to recent game updates) TL;DR A super chill game that looks pretty and fun because it doesn't have a goal General Thoughts So most people were VERY upset about this game; because it was really hyped up by gaming media, the developers talked it up like it was going to change ga...