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Not a Happy Family

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Genre: Adventure, Indie

Platforms: Mobile, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Not a Happy Family is a game that you play as a blind protagonist. Your role in story mode is to explore the entire house for clues to understand your family's history. The plot was written in a way that leaves several things in suspense, counted between the lines, leaving the player always with "a flea behind the ear" related to the events of the game. It was also used a device for the player to set the story of the gam... Read More

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Player dead by the monster
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You will have to spend 3 days with your family. You just moved to a new house in a new city / state / country so you (character and player) don't know what that house is like.
As it is an unknown location, both the player and the character will discover together everything that exists in the mansion, in addition the player has a "secret mission" to find out what happened in the past of this family. This element will be secretly spread around the house along with all the furniture in the move. In addition to enter the relationship that the main character has with the parents and with their dog.
The player will have as much time as he wants to explore the environment and knows his family well. Because, if he doesn't know it, he may end up activating some alternative ending to the game's story.
In For Fun mode, the player lives a night of escape against the monster (in this mode the story is not explored, it is only mentioned). As the name of the game mode says, this mode is just a game mode for the player's enjoyment.