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Whirly Word® is one of the most popular word games today … 2.5 million customers can’t be wrong!

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"...the entertainment value never fades with this game. This was one of the first apps I downloaded on my iPhone several years back and I still play it often." ~ Macworld Australia

"... you might just find yourself playing it long beyond the amount of time you initially intended to–it has a way of keeping you engaged long after you thought you’d be bored of it." - panappticon.com

"... Whirly Word holds true to its developers promise and is a breath of fresh air from your average scrambled letter iPhone games." - appsafari.com

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How many words can you discover from six letters? Solve the puzzle instantly by finding the six-letter word or step up to the challenge of finding all possible words with the letters given.

The large buttons and sensible design allow you to get lost in puzzles for hours. Or take a quick break from your daily routine to play for just a few minutes. This game is smart and remembers right where you left off.

Whirly Word HD comes with
* over 7,500 puzzles
* two puzzle levels (Abridged and Tournament)
* a built in dictionary to lookup definitions
* multiple color schemes
* records keeping track of your success
* bonuses
* portrait or landscape game boards
* background music and sound

Our Abridged Dictionary puzzles use words that you will recognize or take a plunge into the Tournament Dictionary for a brain boggling experience.

Challenge your vocabulary prowess and play until you win! 

If you enjoy playing games like Text Twist, Scrabble, Boggle or Word Scramble then Whirly Word is the game for you!

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80 / 10004.0

Turn It On! is a collection of black boxes, where your task is to guess the mechanics behind. According to the played setting, you will use buttons, switches, wheels, knobs, handles, cogs, a handful of meters, displays, etc. You will need to recognize the machine's behavior and time your action wisely.

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More than 10 years before Picross DS, there was Mario's Super Picross for Super Nintendo. This classic 'picture crossword' game, previously unavailable outside of Japan, features hundreds of relaxing yet challenging brainteasers.

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90 / 10014.5

Popular casual Mini-games from Noodlecake Studios

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Welcome to Quiz Crossword !
Play this game,you will learn more about yourself than you've in the past time.
Play this game,you will discover a genious you! Through the game ,you can find your perfect career and improve your relationships by understanding about different personality types.
-Very easy to play but very hard to pass all the levels.
-Whether you are 9 years old or 99 years old, it will be the most addictive game for you!
-Don't waste time on hesitation, download now and you will not regret it!

>Only 1% of people can guess the meaning of all pictures. Are you that 1% of people?
>Can you be the first to pass all the levels? What reward do you get?
>Try not to make any mistakes. Can you do it?
The answers to all the questions above are waiting for you to unveil them!

Join Quiz PRO- Get access to the advanced experience, included
new additions weekly, 15 hints/day, and 99+ pics quiz.

The Quiz PRO Membership Experience:
Quiz PRO is a 0.99$/week subscription that provides access to enhanced tools and community content, updated weekly. This subscription auto-renews at the end of each 1-week term at 0.99$, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active period.

Tart from 0.99$ for every week
Price Description: Currently, Quiz Crossword subscription price Start from 0.99$/ week. It should be noted that the subscription price of each country may vary, and the price will not be notified if there is any change.

Terms of use:

Privacy Policy:

Contact Us:

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20 / 10001.0

A programming puzzle game where the player must hack the game's code to progress.

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Optica is a mind-bending puzzle game of logic and illusion.

Embracing simplicity with a geometric design, Optica reveals puzzles in complex and mind-bending ways. From curious shapes and optical illusions to unexpected perspectives, Optica puts spatial thinking to the test through 70+ challenging levels.

Create pathways of light while strategically connecting the spaces along the way. But not all is what it seems. Rotate shapes to shift your perspective, discover hidden planes, and traverse optical illusions.

As the spiritual successor to the award-winning Strata, Optica embodies a similar puzzle-solving philosophy with an entirely new twist.

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HOOK is a minimal, relaxing, puzzle game.

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70 / 10073.5

Puzzles and action - enjoy a new sense of play in two ways. Lead the character to use the key block in a total of 100 levels and a multiplayer mode for up to four people can play simultaneously.

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The second game in the Nazoler Land series of minigame compilations published by SunSoft for the Famicom Disk System.

Nazoler Land Dai 2 Gou is the sequel to Nazoler Land Soukan Gou and is similarly a minigame connection with a magazine theme. It contains six minigames, rather than its predecessor's eight. A notable feature of this compilation is that all the minigames are represented as Famicom disks on the select screen, and once a game is chosen an animation shows the disk being loaded in the Famicom Disk System.

The minigames include:

A panel-switching puzzle game that shares some similarities with Q*Bert (specifically, switching panel colors and the isometric perspective) but is far more cerebral and less active in nature. The goal is to use the shape-shifting protagonist (who transforms from an angel to a devil form) to switch all the panels on the screen to the same color, keeping in mind that every panel in a horizontal and vertical line will flip over.

Geographic Nazoler Quiz
Like the transportation quiz from the first Nazoler Land, this is a quiz game with a geographical theme. Rather than crossing over Japan in various types of transport, the goal is to travel the world and answer questions on different countries. Answering enough questions correctly allows the player to buy a ticket to the next location and progress forward.

Straw Pistil
A gambling game in which the player barters against AI opponents for money. The opponents are unpredictable, so the game is largely based on luck.

Blast Tomo
As with "Save Princess Momoko" from Nazoler Land Soukan Gou (or the Cheetahmen from Action 52), Blast Tomo is the "major feature" of the compilation. The goal is to help a schoolgirl, Tomo, reach the bottom of a stage with the strategic placing of a finite number of bombs to destroy blocks in the way. The player must also not any let mice touch Tomo on the way down.

Nazoler Boys' Detective Club
A parody of Famicom Tantei Club, the player is the leader of a detective club currently investigating a mansion supposedly hiding incriminating evidence. Should the player make too many wrong decisions while exploring, the rest of the group will stop listening to them.

Nazoler BOX
Not so much a game as a more overtly magazine section where an animated character (Tomo, from Blast Tomo) reads mail from players of the previous game as well as discuss promotional features of the Nazoler Land series. There's also a section where players can draw their own images, as part of a contest for Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou.

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The third and final core entry in the Nazoler Land series of minigame compilations with a magazine theme. It was developed and published by SunSoft for the Famicom Disk System.

Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou is the third game in the Nazoler Land series. Like its predecessors, it was developed and published by Sunsoft for Nintendo's Famicom Disk System in Japan only, and contains various minigames with diverse gameplay.

These minigames include:

Sugoro Quiz
All three Nazoler games had a quiz minigame of some kind, but Sugoro Quiz is the first to emphasize a multiplayer aspect. Two to four human players compete in a board game in which players progress by answering trivia questions.

Tomo Bakuso
The second minigame starring the schoolgirl Tomo, after Nazoler Land Dai 2 Gou's Blast Tomo. In this game, she is trying to pass through a level of platforms, some of which will block access after being passed through a certain number of times.

Tanteidan Boy Nazoler
An early example of an "escape the room" adventure game, which would become very popular in browser flash games and games like 999. The player must use the items in the room they are trapped in by clicking on items strewn around it and discover the exit. As the player interacts with the room it visibly changes.

Not so much a game but a Bingo simulator. Two to four players can generate a unique bingo card and the game will randomly select numbers. The first player to finish their card wins the game.

Nazoler BOX
As with Nazoler Land Dai 2 Gou's Nazoler BOX, this isn't so much a minigame as a response to letters sent to SunSoft about the Nazoler Land series. Tomo, from Tomo Bakuso, answers user mail. Kirk, the protagonist of SunSoft's Dead Zone, makes a cameo appearance.

Nazoler BOX Contest Results
In Nazoler Land Dai 2 Gou's Nazoler BOX there was a way to create pixel art which users could then print out and enter into a contest. This minigame simply comments on the various entries that SunSoft received. It is hosted by cameo characters from Dead Zone and Ripple Island.

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Taking place in a single mansion in Candlewood, northeast USA, in the early 20th Century, House of Caravan is a sinister adventure filled with dark secrets and vexing puzzles.

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50 / 10022.5

Authentic, one solution sudoku cards

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39 / 10001.95

Word Charm is one of the most addictive gameplay of word search games, with superb graphics and good interaction design. It’s the best way to kill time, easy to play and help you train your brain as well as learn more new words. Take a break from your work and refresh your brain in Word Charm! You’re going to love it!

New gameplay of word puzzle games
Simply swipe letters to form words, easy to grasp and fun to play. You can shuffle the letters to change their orders. More words you find, more coins you will get which you can use in later levels to get hints when you’re stuck.

2000+ levels for you to play
More than 2000 levels for you to play which are easy in the beginning and become hard gradually. You’ll find it challenging but interesting enough to keep you playing. We’ll update these levels every now and then to give you surprises continually.

Well-designed interfaces and beautiful graphics
Our interfaces are intuitive and easy to grasp. We offer you many crafted blocks of letters and backgrounds to choose from so you’ll never get bored. We’ll update them in time so you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Best way to relax and train your brain
Word Charm can help you exercise your mind and improve your memory ability when you have to try your best to find many words with given letters. Sometimes, the answer is so obvious but you just cannot make out the word, which is the most interesting part of this game.

• Superb graphics and well-designed interfaces.
• New gameplay of word games: simply connect the letters to form words.
• 2000+ levels for you to play with increasing difficulty.
• 10+ beautiful themes to choose from.
• Daily challenge offers extra bonus and more fun.
• Find as many words as you can and get more bonus in extra words.
• Tap "Shuffle" button to change the layout of letters.
• Tap "Hint" button when you get stuck.
• Tap "Friends" button to share with your friends or ask for help when you're stuck.
• You can play it anywhere and anytime you want with or without connecting to the network.
• Totally free for all players.
• Perfect for kids as well to improve their spelling.

Please feel free to contact us and any feedback to support@wordgame.freshdesk.com will be welcome.

Thanks for your support and love to Word Charm.

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90 / 10004.5

A mystical journey through worlds that changed the concept of an adventure game.

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84 / 100524.2

Are you tired of the old-fashioned word search interfaces?
Do you want to enjoy a totally new experience of word puzzle game?
Now, you can download Word Cross and play on BOARDS for FREE!

Word Cross is a creative crossword puzzle game which can inspire your passion for brain challenges. It includes all the essences of word scramble games to make you feel totally ADDICTIVE & ENTERTAINING.

New & Fresh Look: If you like to play board games and puzzle games, you must love the clean and fresh BOARD UI for your first sight.

Handy & Easy to Play: You can easily swipe the letters to form a specific hidden word. It’s easy to play and fun to master for everyone.

Surprising Bonus: Login every day and get daily bonus, also, you will get coins after finding out the Extra Words which don't present on the crossword board.

Over 2,000 Exciting Challenges: It starts easy and becomes challenging fast. And you can test your limits of the words you know. More levels are on the go.

100% Addictive Word Game: You’ll never experience a dull moment for it! Play this crossword puzzle once and you won’t be able to put it down!

- Swipe the letters to line up words to fill up the blanks horizontally and vertically on the board
- Tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order of letters
- Tap "Ask Friends" when you get stuck and get rewards
- Tap the “Hints” button to get clues
- Get more hints with coins by purchasing or watching videos

• Nice & Clean BOARD for you (Stay tuned for customizable themes)
• More than 2000 Challenges
• FREE to get Daily Bonus
• Find words with bonus to collect more coins
• Simple & Easy to play, hard to beat gameplay
• Totally FREE for all players
• Suitable for both kids and adults to train word search skills
• No network required and you can enjoy word search at any time

DOWNLOAD now to begin training your brain and become a real master of word search puzzles on BOARDS!


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90 / 10004.5

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Love two balls is the best brain & dots puzzle game! 300 free levels to play!

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34 / 10001.7

The study material for 'Madorica Real Estate' would be the floorplan for the corresponding house of the game stage.

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James Vanderboom's life drastically changes when he plants a special seed in the garden of the house he has inherited. Expand your bloodline by unlocking portraits in the tree of life.

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72 / 100113.6