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Observation (Credits)

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Jon McKellanWriter and Director
Omar Khan (I)Executive Producer
Oliver BoyceLead Programmer
Andrew HainingProgrammer
Geoff AngusProgrammer
Christopher James WilsonLead Animator
Graeme McKellanLead Designer
Ben HallDesigner
Jon McKellanArt Director & UI Designer
Alanna ButchartEnvironment & 2D Art
Lee McKellanEnvironment & 2D Art
Stefano TsaiEnvironment & 2D Art
Chris Brown (II)Environment & 2D Art
Jack PerryCharacter Artist
Ranulf BusbyCharacter Artist
Omar Khan (I)Lead Audio & Music
Vilius JokubaitisAdditional Recording
Robin FinckAdditional Music
Linda StenbackEmbedded QA
Mark FinnieEmbedded QA
Will PorterAdditional Story
Graeme McKellanAdditional Story
Dan Hunter (I)Additional VFX
James McWilliams (I)Additional VFX
Koen WijffelaarsConcept Art
Joseph NicksonConcept Art
Stefano TsaiConcept Art
Rosalind KhanStudio Assistant
David Farrell (I)Additional Design QA
Serjan BurlakTitle Sequence
Jon McKellanTitle Sequence
Robin FinckTitle Sequence

Devolver Digital

Fork ParkerDevolver Digital
Rick StultsDevolver Digital
Graeme StruthersDevolver Digital
Andrew ParsonsDevolver Digital
Harry MillerDevolver Digital
Mike WilsonDevolver Digital
Nigel LowrieDevolver Digital
Anna SajeckaDevolver Digital
Kate LudlowDevolver Digital
Kert GartnerDevolver Digital
Vieko FranetovicDevolver Digital
JM SpechtDevolver Digital
Jared StultsDevolver Digital
Jonathan RosalesDevolver Digital
Hazel YangDevolver Digital
Simon ChangDevolver Digital
Mark HickeyDevolver Digital
John BartkiwDevolver Digital
Territory StudioAdditional Concept Art (Support Company)
DigiMonstersAdditional Environment Art (Support Company)


Martin VaughanCasting Director
Sini DowningHead of Production
Craig HolahanProduction Manager
Ultan McGloneProduction Assistant
Fred ProudVoice Recording Engineer
Andrea ContinoVoice Recording Engineer
Lionbridge TechnologiesExternal QA (Support Company)
Testronic LaboratoriesExternal QA (Support Company)
Loc & LoadLocalisation (Support Company)

Tinsley PR

Stephanie Tinsley-SchoppTinsley PR
Thomas SchulenbergTinsley PR


Salima BessahraouiCosmocover
Pierre-Louis BarbierCosmocover
John TyrrellCosmocover
Fabian Mario DoehlaCosmocover
Rebeca Velez MinguezCosmocover
Nyssa WoznickiCosmocover
Maxence JacquierCosmocover

Indigo Pearl

Robbie PatersonIndigo Pearl

Vanessa Douglas Comms

Doug JohnsVanessa Douglas Comms


Rodrigo BatelliGamenauts

Kakehashi Games

Zach HuntleyKakehashi Games
Yuin TsurutaKakehashi Games

AM Plus

Asim MianAM Plus
Shahrez MianAM Plus
Alex TuttyLegal

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Nick RookeDirector, Development Relations
Myles DonaldStrategic Content
Dominick KendrickGames Analyst
Dave JonesSpecial Thanks
Ben AndacSpecial Thanks
Lorenzo GrimaldiSpecial Thanks
Spencer LowSpecial Thanks

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Andrew McKellanThank You
Gina McKellanThank You
Gary NapperThank You
Paul AllisonThank You
Robert AnderbergThank You
Andrew DyceThank You
Craig FairweatherThank You
Melissa PhillipsThank You
Alastair HebsonThank You
Colin MacDonaldThank You
Levi WhiteThank You
Tomasz StachowiakThank You
Michael BaileyThank You
Ken LevineThank You
Mike BithellThank You
Rowan TaflerThank You
Bruce SlaterThank You
Liam TartThank You
Byron BullockThank You
Ben TaylorThank You
Ben RyallsThank You
Mandy CooperThank You
Mark HannahThank You
Karen FotheringhamThank You
Lynne HowardThank You
Alasdair MacKenzieThank You
John McMillanThank You
Jane DraycottThank You
Danny CherryThank You
Sarah Hamilton (I)Thank You
Martin WoodburnThank You
Tyler McKellanThank You


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Released: 2019

Observation is a sci-fi thriller uncovering what happened to Dr. Emma Fisher, and the crew of her mission, through the lens of the station’s artificial intelligence S.A.M. Players assume the role of S.A.M. by...