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Sheerest_of_Harts Review [7.0/10]

Sheerest_of_Hart created

A great throwback to 16-bit era RPGs while even re-introducing it for a new era and showing that so much more could be done with it. Everything in its presentation and battle systems is what I would want with more RPGs done in its style or possibly even remaking some classics. That said, the big detractor for me, as with many other people, is t...

Ecofriendlypandas Review [0.0/10]

Ecofriendlypanda created

TL;DR One of the best modernized SNES-era-JRPGs out there. Comes very close to a masterpiece, but falls just short. General Thoughts This is everything I wanted FFXV to be. This game is a shining example of how to take an SNES-era style JRPG, bring it up to date with modern JRPG mechanics and mix in a few Western-RPG game mechanics. It'...