The player is tasked with controlling the Batter and guiding him on his quest to "purify" the world of spirits. The player must take the Batter through the various Zones, collect battle partners, solve puzzles and partake in turn-based A...

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OFF is the best example I can think of a game standing out and making an undeniable impression in the indie gaming world due fully to its story and concept, while being pulled down by pretty much everything else it has to show.

Although it's still an impressive project for a solo dev, OFF's flaws are painfully obvious. The RPG turn-based combat is unbalanced and undeniably shackled by the RPG-Maker classic format (coming across as unoriginal and way too grind-dependent); the soundtrack and overall sound-design is, although promising, lacking and repetitive; the pixel artstyle feels bland (aside from the battle character sprites and newspaper-like monologue backgrounds); the world is visually very empty; some puzzles and sections are weirdly amateurish (like the whack-a-mole minigame that plays out while falling down the factory's chimney in World 3); and a few sprite animations feel stiff and out of place (like Enoch's running).

There are a couple more things one could nitpick, but I feel like the ones listed are enough to bring home the point this is a title with many many flaws. Nonetheless, it's still one of my favorite games, due solely to its powerful concept, which sadly I can't go too much into as to keep this a spoiler-free review. Even though I do have some issues with the way said concept is explored through the narrative (that I can't go into without spoiling anything), the themes OFF tackles still stood out to me as incredibly interesting, and some of its moments are genuinely haunting (like the entire last world).

With all of this said, I also find it inspiring how this game came to be, all the effort both the developer and its community put into it throughout the years, and the sheer amount of waves it made for such a seemingly inconspicuous RPG-Maker title.

Positive points
  • Interesting concept and plot;
  • Haunting setting and environment;
  • Powerful ending.
Negative points
  • Uninspired gameplay and awkward puzzle sections;
  • Promising but lacking art-style and sound design;
  • Visually empty world.


Total score