One Thousand Lies

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Genre: Point-and-click

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

One day, Ciaran Endyein reads a strange email, sent by an unkown person, who tells him to go to a certain park to retrive a certain object he bought.
This little action will change his life in a romantic comedy, with a really deep physcological background.

In the words of the mysterious Harry H: "if you want answers, go find her"

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9 reviews

Good 90%

I would write a review, but the author made the tough job for me: The kinetic novel has this exact same humor. Don't let this fool you, it also gets dark and phylosophical. However, the overall tone is happy and chilled. This game made me laugh way more than it should. Wait, did I say game? Ah right sorry. This is a kinetic novel, you won't have any decisions in the entire story. So all you can do is r... Read More