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Ori and the Blind Forest

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle

Platforms: Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Versions: See the alternative version of this game

This highly artistic game was designed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios on March 11, 2015. It was released for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It has received critical acclaim for the visual and musical elegance, as well as the sophisticated storyline and explorational environment incorporated into the game.

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Alright 80%

This game is incredible: the music is spectacular, with great emotion and tones very well the fantastic and calm of the game, the levels are varied, vertical and horizontal, good combination of killing enemies, exploration and puzzle, art is beautiful, great atmosphere , The story is emotional, simple but great. The gameplay is simple but fun with medium difficulty: final score 8/10.
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5 reviews

Good 90%

Beautiful graphics, music and story, great variety of areas to explore which aren't limited (i.e. you aren't outright stopped from entering any areas), good controls, the only thing stopping this from being a 10/10 is how the controls are occasionally fiddly (though I'm probably quite clumsy). Often frustratingly difficult but makes that up for how satisfying the rest of the game is. If I could give this a 9.5 I would.
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1 reviews

Alright 80%

I really liked this game but I've never finished it because after a while I found it difficult. But in my opinion this game should be tried because of the fantastic graphic, story and music even if the story is not clear at all in the game time. The game mechanics are nice and this game is a nice pastime. During the game you will unlock really fun special skills that make the game funnier. I didn't like the interactions between the commands and ... Read More

Positive points
Music, graphics, gameplay and story (the story is not entirely clear).
Negative points
I didn't like the interactions between the commands and the movements.


no autosave. dealbreaker


Ori, the protagonist of the game, falls from the Spirit Tree and is adopted by Naru, who raises Ori as her own. When a disastrous event occurs causing the forest to wither and Naru to die, Ori is left to explore the forest. Ori eventually encounters Sein, who begins to guide Ori on an adventure to restore the forest through the recovery of the light of three main elements supporting the balance of the forest: waters, winds and warmth.