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Outlast (Credits)

Red Barrels

Francis BrusDeveloper
Réjean CharpentierDeveloper
David ChateauneaufDeveloper
Patrice CôtéDeveloper
Hugo DallaireDeveloper
Mathieu GauthierDeveloper
Jamie HelmanDeveloper
Patrick LalondeDeveloper
Philippe MorinDeveloper
Stefan PetrynaDeveloper
Alexandre SabourinDeveloper
Marc-Antoine SenecalDeveloper
Francis Sheridan ParéQuality Assurance
Henry SmithUI Programmer
JT PettyWriter
Samuel LaflammeMusic

Game On Audio

Sam GirardinExecutive Audio Producer
Marc-André PaquetteOperation Manager
Marie-Claude BonamiOperation Assistant
Jonathan WachoruSound Designer
Antoine PeltierSenior Audio Manager
Florent PerrinAssistant Audio Integrator
Vincent MartinezDialogue and Localization Production Manager
Nina TourignyProduction Coordinator
Vincent RiendeauIn-Game Mix Engineer
Patrick GoyetteDialogue Recording Engineer
Cynthia ColeDialogue Post-Production
Fred MaloneDialogue Post-Production

Red Barrels

Simon PeacockVoice Director
Antoine LaloyAmbiant Music Design
Dina GilbertMusic Conductor
Samuel LaflammeMusic Conductor
André CayerOrchestrator
Samuel LaflammeOrchestrator
David LaroucheScore Recorder
Université de SherbrookeScore Recorded at (Support Company)
Pascalin CharbonneauScore Mixer
Guy HébertScore Mixer
Samuel LaflammeScore Mixer
Studio Piano ForteScore Mixed at (Support Company)
Studio KarismaScore Mixed at (Support Company)
Samuel LaflammeMusic Editing
David LaroucheMusic Editing
Samuel DesrosiersMusic Editing
Thierry PiloteCopyist
Samuel LaflammeSynth Programming
Marc-Antoine Allard GiguèreChoir
Anthony BeauchesneChoir
Yann DuquesneChoir
Robin GirardChoir
Lisanne HébertChoir
Sophie LamontagneChoir
Francis MercierChoir
Félix PrévostChoir
Julie BabazMusician
Marie-Ève BeauléMusician
Rosie-Anne Bérubé BernierMusician
Janika BoutinMusician
Laurie BlanchetMusician
Magail BrondelMusician
André CayerMusician
Catherine Elvira ChartierMusician
Cédric DesjardinsMusician
Chantale DodierMusician
Uliana DrugovaMusician
Julie GarrissMusician
Lydia GasseMusician
Pierre-Olivier GaudreauMusician
David GelfandMusician
Eve GendreauMusician
Jean GervaisMusician
Marie GarvaisMusician
Signy GlendinningMusician
Ludovic GlorieuxMusician
Jacques JoubertMusician
Samuel LaflammeMusician
Martine LabbéMusician
David LaroucheMusician
Isabelle LongpréMusician
Anne-Élisabeth MartinMusician
Frédéric MoisanMusician
Lisa NadonMusician
Martin RinguetteMusician
Félix SavignacMusician
Josyanne SylvestreMusician
Amina TebiniMusician
Jean-Sébastien VachonMusician
France VeilletteMusician

Enzyme Testing Labs

Quality Assurance
Louis St-DenisHead of Production
Paul André RenaudProject Manager
Funtionality Team
Sandra MalenfantTeam Manager
Hudson LeeLead Tester
Simon RichardFunctionality Tester
Kevin DelcourtFunctionality Tester
Jean-Guy BertrandFunctionality Tester
Guy DoréFunctionality Tester
Simon DesjardinsFunctionality Tester
Jacques Jr. RoyFunctionality Tester
Dora-Pier Crochetière TrépanierFunctionality Tester
Maxime Plessis BélairFunctionality Tester
Alexis BeaumontFunctionality Tester
Mathew PotvinFunctionality Tester
Simon DuchesneFunctionality Tester
Christian VivierFunctionality Tester
Paul Van der WaerdenFunctionality Tester
Luis Suárez AlbiteFunctionality Tester
Nicolas LefebvreFunctionality Tester
Alexandre CossetteFunctionality Tester
Dominic DucharmeFunctionality Tester
François BeaulieuFunctionality Tester
Marc-André FradetteFunctionality Tester
Localization Team
Francisca BurtrónLocalization Lead Tester
Kevin HunzingerLocalization Tester
Fabrice DevaLocalization Tester
Gregory BonboireLocalization Tester
Evgeny SoldushovLocalization Tester
Daniil StoenkoLocalization Tester
Carsten DittmannLocalization Tester
Matina Garcia RodriguezLocalization Tester
Giovanni Polidoro BernabeoLocalization Tester
Viviana MontanaroLocalization Tester
Martin SchuetzLocalization Tester

VMC Game Labs

Quality Assurance Whistleblower
Adam RushTest Manager
Dejan ZahirovicSenior Test Lead
Nicholas BurnsTest Lead
David TanOnsite Senior
Patrick Delaney-ClohertyCompliance Senior
Andre NantelFunctionality Tester
Angeline GagneFunctionality Tester
Bradley Hamilton-PoupartFunctionality Tester
Joanna PruneauFunctionality Tester
Stephanie GrenierFunctionality Tester
Christina JürgesLocalization Lead
Ana TexeiraLocalization Tester
Audrey BirotLocalization Tester
Dominika KlosowskaLocalization Tester
Ignacio IglesiasLocalization Tester
Jan SchneiderLocalization Tester
Mario OreiLocalization Tester
Satomi YamagataLocalization Tester
Valentyna Borodavko-GolashLocalization Tester


Public Relations Agency
John O'LearyPublic Relations
Stephanie PalermoPublic Relations
Ceim Thwacke!Consultant (Support Company)

Red Barrels

Jonathan AbenhaimAdditional Animator
Michael MeltchenkoAdditional Animator
Dave HaweyAdditional Modeling
Martin CayaAdditional Character Designer
Roger LéonardSpecial Thanks
Sege BourassaSpecial Thanks
Robert PicardSpecial Thanks
Bruno LégaréSpecial Thanks
Jacques LemieuxSpecial Thanks
Christian PerronSpecial Thanks
Marie-Ève GuilbeaultSpecial Thanks
Mélanie GuilbeaultSpecial Thanks
Ryan MorganSpecial Thanks
Simon AshbySpecial Thanks
Martin KleinSpecial Thanks
Dominique BélangerSpecial Thanks
Vader CaballeroSpecial Thanks
Nicole DionSpecial Thanks
Valérie LecomteSpecial Thanks
Peter VanekSpecial Thanks


78 /100

Released: 2013

In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff...