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gyeppis Review [9.0/10]

gyeppi created

Oxenfree is a horror-ish indie game about a group of friends who decide to head up to an island for an overnight party. You play as Alex, a blue haired girl who decides to bring her stepbrother along. At some point supernatural events start occurring and you get separated from your friends; you have to find them and find the way out of this eeri...

leadingthenets Review [8.0/10]

leadingthenet created

Short and sweet. If you do decide to buy this game, you need to understand what you're getting, lest you may be disappointed. Gaming wise, it's pretty easy, meaning that you won't encounter any difficult puzzles. Inarguably the best part of the game is the story, which is immersive and there is tons of hidden content and different endings to d...

TheFredobars Review [8.0/10]

TheFredobar created

A nice short story. The visuals are really cool (lots of crazy effects and nice vistas) and the sound design is great. It's got a bit of a life is strange vibe with a gang of young people and their relationships being the main focus, with a backdrop of supernatural going on. You make choices about how you interact with others and how you progres...

Oshklivecs Review [9.0/10]

Oshklivec created

Brilliant story-driven game that leaves an impression. Despite a slow, lacklustre start, the game is engrossing and you'll find yourself wanting to finish it in one go. The gameplay mechanics are simple: the game mostly consists of dialogue choices and an FM radio mechanic which can be used to find secrets. The game art and music is wonderfull...

A great empty shell [6.0/10]

sighalot created

There are a few things that narrative centric games should have: great characters, interesting setting, and a captivating story. The first two Oxenfree delivers plenty! Quirky coming of age characters, set in a spooky mysterious island? check. The story however.. is complete lackluster. unfortunately. To put it in perspective i don't even...