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Releasing: December 31, 1983

Press 1 on the alpha-numeric keyboard.

A giant Pachinko game appears on your TV. You and your opponent are at the lower part of the screen.

The digital readout scoreboard will appear at the bottom of the screen when play begins.

The left hand control maneuvers the player at the left. The right hand control maneuvers the player at the right. Push the joystick left to go left. Push it right to go right.

You can play another person or the computer. To signal the computer you're in the game, press the action button or move the joystick of your hand control in any direction. If the computer does not get a response from either of the hand controls, it will play by itself.

Each of the players on the screen has an energizer. Press the action button to flip up your energizer and hit one of the balls. When you hit the ball with your energizer, it will change to your color and rocket back into play. If your energizer is completely raised when it hits, the ball will continue its same horizontal direction. If your energizer is not completely raised, the horizontal direction of the ball is reversed. A player will move at one-half normal speed when the action button is depressed.

If a ball hits a player, it will begin to lose its energy.

If your opponent's ball hits the rotor at your side of the screen, the ball will change to your color. If your ball hits your opponent's rotor, the ball will change to your opponent's color.

The Magic Mountain is centered at the bottom of the playing field. If you bounce the ball off the Magic Mountain, the numbers in the cups will change. You have a better chance of scoring in the cups on your side of the screen, so it's good strategy to get higher numbers in the cups on your side and lower numbers in the cups on your opponent's side.

CAUTION! BEWARE OF THE TROUBLESHOOTER! He's the unpredictable, uncontrollable spoilsport who keeps running back and forth across the center of the screen. The Troubleshooter is a lot of trouble because he keeps trying to take your ball out of play and shoot it over to your opponent.

The game ends at 100 points or any pre-agreed multiple of 100 points. You can also play against the clock.

To play again, press the RESET key on the alpha-numeric keyboard and then press 1.