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Parachronism: Order of Chaos

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Strategy

Parachronism: Order of Chaos is a 3D Action RPG with social simulation system as one of its elements. This game is created by a new indie game developers around the world.

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You are just an ordinary girl who lives in modern times/era. But you are not satisfied with the world. Crimes everywhere. Cries, stress and frustration are all over the place. Suddenly when you’ve just come back home and sit on your chair to doze off, your head feels dizzy. You thought a ghost or something is trying to enter your body. But not until you found yourself black out.You open your eyes and found yourself sleeping in a bed that’s clearly not yours. There’s no mattress and everything is dark. You walked out to check everything out and found out that you’re involved in a terrible problem: a parachronism, that will bring you into time chaos.