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joost013s Review [10.0/10]

I'm not really into JRPG's I'm not really into anime I'm not really into dating sims I'm not really into turn based combat despite all that I'm 100% into Persona 5, and it's my favorite game I played last year. That should give you an image of it's qualities. That being said, it's a game you play in a weird way, it's nothing out of the or...

DingleDongles Review [9.0/10]

The game takes a welcome step away from Persona 4. whilst keeping the formula that grew to be the cult hit. It would not be wrong to say that this feels like the game is a step closer to the main SMT line and earlier persona games, with the re-introduction of persona enemies and negotiation, however, the answers for negotiation seems less rando...

sulog2s Review [10.0/10]

Can't explain why really well, but it's my favorite game without a doubt. It's characters are really well done and are interesting enough for you to want to complete their social links. Palaces and mementos are way better than anything the persona saga has gave us this far, not boring as Tartarus and more interesting than the persona 4 versions....

the_last_b's review of Persona 5 [9.0/10]

Se lo recomendé a mi novia que no es fan de lo JRPG y se volvió su juego favorito, solo diré eso, la única advertencia es que es MUY ANIME, si no toleras los tropos de los animes y esas tramas aléjate de este juego como de la peste, si pasas esa barrera juégalo, da igual que no seas fan de los JRPG aquí hay mucho más allá de el genero