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DingleDongles Review

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The game takes a welcome step away from Persona 4. whilst keeping the formula that grew to be the cult hit. It would not be wrong to say that this feels like the game is a step closer to the main SMT line and earlier persona games, with the re-introduction of persona enemies and negotiation, however, the answers for negotiation seems less random than in previous games. The game is beatuiful and only rarely did I become fed up with the long animations. Social links feel better than ever now that each social link provides noticeable abilities to help with progression, making it harder to decide who to talk to. I think the weakest section of the game would be the palaces themselves. They feel very hit or miss. The first dungeon was an excellent introduction to the palaces, but I feel only one other palace was as well designed. The rest of them either felt like a boring or very tedious, with the last couple having to be done in two sittings (not days, but physical game sittings) which is a rarity at this point. Looking back the introduction seemed to be very drawn out, and it would be a problem not to mention the seemingly artificial amount of time taken away from you by the cat if any story-beat's happen during the day.

I would not argue if someone told me that this was their favourite persona game, but I don't think I can say the same. Anyone with a love of RPG's should have this game in their collection

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