Time until Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie release!

Already released Worldwide [WW] on Nintendo DS

RegionTime leftPlatform
Worldwide [WW]Nintendo DS
Worldwide [WW]PlayStation 2
Worldwide [WW]Xbox 360
Worldwide [WW]Xbox
Worldwide [WW]PC (Microsoft Windows)
Worldwide [WW]Game Boy Advance
Worldwide [WW]Nintendo GameCube
Worldwide [WW]PlayStation Portable



Play as man. Play as Kong.

Embark on an epic adventure created in collaboration with Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson and based on the Universal Pictures' film. Survive as Jack in a world crawling with predators and live the legend as Kong.

Use weapons, traps and your team wisely to survive in first-person as Jack.

Break jaws, slam enemies and throw massive objects in Kong's third-person battles.