Picross S

For over 20 years, Jupiter has been bringing Picross games to Nintendo handhelds. Picross S is the first for Nintendo Switch.

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Review: DJSharpeCheddars Review

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Looks like Jupiter kind of bunted with this first Nintendo Switch outing of their Picross series. The presentation is nice, it plays perfectly fine on the new system, but there's absolutely nothing new here besides 2-player, and it's actually missing a bunch of modes and featuers from the recent 3DS games, which doesn't make much sense.

You've got your regular Picross and your Mega Picross and that's it ... but I beat all the former to find out that the Mega Picrosses are just the same pictures as before, only Mega'd up! Pretty sure they've never pulled that in the previous games? I know the picture is barely the point, but ... come on. Do some new pictures. Feels cheap.

I'm sure the next ones are more fully featured, but yeah, it doesn't feel great going from the latest PICROSS E games to this one.

(completed all regular puzzles with no mistakes or assists, tried some Mega Picross)

Positive points
  • - Picross on Switch feels good
  • - Looks great
Negative points
  • - Lacking features
  • - Reuses puzzles from the same game


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