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Genre: Platform, Puzzle

Platforms: Mac, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Pid was developed by Might and Delight for PC, Mac, X-Box, and PlayStation and released in 2012. It is a story-driven platformer that includes a variety of puzzles. It was praised for the artwork, presentation, and soundtrack; and received the 2012 European Games Award in the Innovate Newcomer category.

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8 reviews

Fair 70%

I am a big fan of the artistic content of this game. The design is whimsical and clever, with a simple yet sophisticated presentation. The concept of the mechanics are also original and clever. The protagonist (Kurt) must utilize his light beam to transport himself through various puzzles and difficulties, which is a rather unique puzzler. Unfortunately, due to the somewhat clunky mechanics and lack of accuracy in the various skills available, mu... Read More


Pid follows the story of a young boy named Kurt, who is left stranded in an alien world. Kurt must travel through a number of different places; including parts of a castle and various places within a town, while defeating robotic enemies and befriending some of the locals in their struggle against a massive conspiracy so that he can return home. Kurt's primary method for traveling and solving puzzles is a beam that he is able to propel himself with.