Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Press kit


Based in United Kingdom
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Wii / PC (Microsoft Windows) / PlayStation 2 / PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 / Nintendo DS / PlayStation Portable



Players will have to face off again Davy Jones, his Flying Dutchman crew and the villainous kraken in addition to the Chinese pirate Sao Feng, cannibals, other pirates, and the East India Trading Company.

Players must battle their way through the events of "Dead Man's Chest" and "At World's End" using a variety of sword and item attacks, in addition to a system called "Black Pearls", which only allows players to block for so long until the Black Pearls are drained and no longer able to block until it recharges. Each character has their own special attack, and other weapons, such as pistols and daggers, can be found for use in combat.


Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)