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Planescape: Torment (Credits)

Black Isle Studios

Dan SpitzleyLead Programmer
Jim GardnerProgrammer
Rob HollowayProgrammer
Yuki FurumiProgrammer
Darren MonahanAdditional Programming By
Jake DevoreScripter
Nick KestingScripter
Adam HelneScripter
Scott WarnerScripter
Paul EdelsteinMovie Technology
Tim DonleyLead Artist
Eric CampanellaArtist
Aaron MeyersArtist
Christopher JonesArtist
Brian K. MenzeArtist
Scott EvertsArtist
Dennis PresnellArtist
Derek JohnsonArtist
Aaron BrownAdditional Art By
Sam FungAdditional Art By
James LimAdditional Art By
Gary PlatnerAdditional Art By
Eddie RainwaterAdditional Art By
Robert CollierAdditional Art By
Chris AvelloneLead Designer
Colin McCombDesigner
John DelleyDesigner
Dave MaldonadoDesigner
Kenneth LeeDesigner
Stephen BokkesDesigner
Scott WarnerDesigner
Jason G. SuinnDesigner
Scott EvertsTechnical Designer
David HendeeTechnical Designer
Jason G. SuinnTechnical Designer
Kihan PakAdditional Design By
Reginald ArnedoAdditional Design By
Feargus UrquhartDivision Director
Guido HenkelProducer
Kenneth LeeProducer
Kenneth LeeLine Producer
Quality Assurance
Jeremy BarnesDirector of Quality Assurance
Michael MotodaAssistant Director of QA
Greg BaumeisterAssistant Director of QA
Damien EvansProject Supervisor
Dave SimonProject Supervisor
Rob GlampaSenior Tester
Eric FongSenior Tester
Scot HumphreysSenior Tester
Dany MartinezSenior Tester
Ed HylandSenior Tester
Kris GlampaTester
Donnie CornwellTester
John PalmeroTester
Billy IturzaetaTester
Savina GreeneTester
Gary TesdallTester
Rafael LopezTester
Larry SmithTester
Greg DidleuTester
Matt GolemblewskiTester
Henry LeeTester
Tony PiccoliTester
Asher LuisiTester
Eric HernandezTester
Harold KimTester
Darrell JonesCompatibility Manager
Jack ParkerCompatibility Technician
Derek GibbsCompatibility Technician
David ParkynCompatibility Technician
Josh WaltersCompatibility Technician
Charles DeenenAudio Director
Mark MorganMusic By
Richard BandAdditional Music By
PullAdditional Music By
Charles DeenenSound Supervisor
Craig DumanSound Supervisor
David "STW" FarmerSound Design
Ann Scibelli, M.P.S.E.Sound Design
Charles DeenenSound Design
Al NelsonAdditional Sound Design
Rebecca HanekAdditional Sound Design
Harry Cohen, M.P.S.E.Additional Sound Design
Shannon MillsAdditional Sound Design
Elizabeth FlaumAdditional Sound Design
Mark Lanza, M.P.S.E.Additional Sound Design
Roland TalAdditional Sound Design
Adam LevensonAdditional Sound Design
Craig DumanSound Editing, Mastering and Scripting
Frank SzickMastering and Scripting Assistance
Stephen MillerVO Editor
Frank SzickVO Editor
Chris BordersVO Editor
Jamie ThomasonVO Director
Chris BordersVO Supervision
Fred HatchVO Producer
David HendeeVO Coordinator
Walla GroupBarbara Harris (Voice Casting) (Support Company)
Steve AllermanWalla Cast
Judi DurandWalla Cast
Greg FinleyWalla Cast
Annellese GoldmanWalla Cast
Gary SchwartzWalla Cast
Vernon ScottWalla Cast
Screenmusic StudiosRecorded At (Support Company)
Paul AndersVoice Recording Engineer
Eric LewisAssistant Voice Recording Engineer
Lisa CarlonAssistant Voice Recording Engineer
Gloria SoloAudio Administration
Charles DeenenRe-Recording Mixer
Mixed at Interplay In Dolby Surround
Dan WilliamsVideo Services Provided By
Bill StoudtVideo Services Provided By
Dave CravensVideo Services Provided By
Cal MorrellVP of Marketing
Debbie Brajevich-HowellDirector of Marketing
Greg PetersonMarketing Manager
Greg BaumanAssociate Marketing Manager
Lisa BucekPR Manager
Krys CardAssociate PR Manager
Josh "Bishop" SawyerWeb Master
Thom DohnerProduction Manager
Paul NaftalisTraffic Manager
Matt NortonManual
Thanks to (Chris A.)
Ma and Pa Avellone
Elleen SuhThanks
Thuy DangThanks
Chris WrightThanks
Roger ZelaznyThanks
Thanks to my beautiful wife, Jen, for putting up with the ridiculous amount of time I spend here and away from here (Dave M.)
To Cindy, who loves me enough to let me come to work everyday (Adam H.)
Thanks for the inspiration (Scott W.):
David KomecznyThanks
Tama SabijleThanks
and Tomato

Planescape: Torment

89 /100

Released: 1999

The first part of Planescape: Torment takes place in Sigil, a city located atop an infinitely tall spire at the center of the multiverse, that connects the planes with each other via a series of portals. The city is...