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Review: nanabells Review

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I've been playing Pokemon since Pokemon Emerald, and the last installment I enjoyed was Pokemon X & Y. Although I didn't like Pokemon Sun & Moon, I thought I would give my beloved Pokemon series another chance.

Positive points
  • 1. The OST just honestly slaps. There's nothing like hearing the crowd cheering as my Pokemon dynamaxes into the size of a house.
  • 2. I love the new "concept" that gym battles are this wildly popular, commercialized endeavor with fans and merchandise, with strong trainers being likened to celebrities.
  • 3. I enjoyed the gym missions, and found them to be more enjoyable compared to those in Sun & Moon. Kahuna Trials can get out.
  • 4. I loved those guys who would cheer on me before the gym challenge. yall mvps
  • 5. The Wild Area was a feature I've been waiting for since my first Pokemon game. There's nothing like having Pokemon double my size chasing me across grasslands and plains, and it's a delight to see random Pokemon just walking about.
  • 6. I found the story to be less "dragging," as compared to Sun & Moon where I couldn't even walk two steps without being accosted by a cutscene or by everyone in the region. I appreciate that I only have to put up with Leon's younger brother, instead of having to put up with both Lili and Hau. But remember when Brendan/ May never talked to you? Good times.
  • 7. Bede.
  • 8. Finally, adults who actually do something. I'd like to thank Leon for trying to take on Rose, and Sonia for giving me revives and trying to figure out the history of the land. You tried, and that's what's imprt.
  • 9. Wooloo.
  • 10. I went into this blind, so I didn't know who I would face and when. At the time I was expecting to battle the Champion, the game instead threw in my face every gym leader to battle again. These little changes to the original staple of batting the Elite Four is very welcome.
  • 11. I absolutely adore Pokemon Camp! I love the entire cooking minigame, and it makes me feel like Brock, cooking for my Pokemon like he does in the anime series.
Negative points
  • 1. The animations weren't up to snuff. They couldn't even make unique animations for new Pokemon using old moves. For example, imagine my disappointment when Nickit's entire body moved when using Tail Whip. I thought there would at least be animation of it wagging its tail. The series is supposed to DEVELOP as time passes.
  • 2. The towns are large, but they are largely empty and devoid of life. Each one is similar to the next, with no unique personality to them. The most memorable one would be Ballonlea, which (iirc) had a dazzling TWO HOUSES. For a game about being a kid who goes exploring, there's not much to explore. When I move to a different city, all there is, is disappointment.
  • 3. The concept of "dynamaxing" is weak, shallow, and empty compared to "mega-evolutions." Each new installment in the series was supposed to introduce something new. There were double battles, then triple battles, then rotating battles. Previously, we had mega-evolutions. Dynamaxing and gigamaxing just don't have that draw to them.
  • 4. The characters, like the towns, are largely forgettable. Their bland, no-note personalities are a waste of the cute, attractive character designs.
  • 5. Will my rival ever shut up about his brother?
  • 6. It's honestly so LAME what Team Yell is about. They're different from the other past Teams, but I can't fathom how anyone thought it would be a good idea for the villainous team to have as their ultimate goal be cheering on another character. I would understand if they were to cheer on Marnie, because their ultimate goal is the revival of Spikemuth. However, after the gym battle in Spikemuth, they suddenly decide they won't be a villainous team anymore. It's very fitting that their name is Team Yell, because they're just noise.
  • 7. I'm so sorry, but the starter Pokemon are UGLY and that's a fact.
  • 8. The hair and clothing options are severely lacking.
  • 9. The post-game content is disappointing. Am I supposed to buy the DLCs?
  • 10. The plotline of the story is criminally short.


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