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Pokémon Snap

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Genre: Shooter, Simulator

Platforms: Nintendo 64, WiiWare, Wii U

Traverse various areas and take photographs of different types of Pokémon by discovering their secrets. Capture the perfect frame to gain bonus points from Professor Oak in order to unlock helpful items and locate and photograph the elusive Mew, a legendary Pokémon whose existence has never been recorded.

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48 reviews

Good 88%

Pokémon Snap is great. The story is the game. So it's great. You ride around taking pictures of Pokémon. This is for the Kanto Pokémon. You can throw apples and pester balls and use other tools to get Pokémon out from hiding to get a good picture. The reason you're getting pictures is for Professor Oak's research. You unlock things as you go through the game. One thing about the game that is sort of bad. But not really at all. Once you find all... Read More