Pokémon SoulSilver

Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Turn-based strategy (TBS), Adventure

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This is a role-playing game in which players pit their own collection of small creatures (known as Pokémon ) in battle against other trainers to become a Pokémon master. During battle, players select attacks from a series of menus then watch as the attacks are performed on screen. Some of the projectile attacks/weapons include a "cartoony" flamethrower, poison sting dart, egg bomb, and "zap cannon" (mounted on a Pokémon's back). Damage is somewhat minimal: the majority of attacks involve smacking sounds, the depletion of health meters, and blinking effects; a handful of attacks result in small fiery explosions, light bursts, and screen-shaking effects. One storyline describes how rivals have stolen "Slowpoke" Pokémon and cut off their tails to sell in the underground market; players sometimes encounter these tailless creatures in the town of Azalea.
This game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE

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