Time until Police 1013 release!

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PlayStation 4
Xbox One
PC (Microsoft Windows)



The aim of Police 1013 is to bring the good guys into focus. This game isn’t for cowboys. It’s not about how many kills you get or how big the explosion is. It’s also not about the Police being mere cannon fodder as is the case with just about all games on the market. It’s about being an effective Police Officer in a City like most cities around the World. It’s about doing things the right way. It’s about showing how difficult it is but also how rewarding it is to be a good Police Officer.

We want to continue to honor the work Police Officers do. This game brings with it the opportunity to feel what it’s like and to experience what Police experience. Our mission is to show Police for what we believe they are; real people doing a real job. On that Journey there will also be massive highs for our players to really enjoy the experience.

When ever you ask a Police Officer about their job, they say “I love what I do, I love being a Police officer”. This game needs to have the same effect. We want Police fans to LOVE jumping into their patrol car and to experience a whole new open world whilst waiting for thousands of random events to pop up at a moment’s notice.