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Releasing: February 01, 1998

POOL HUSTLER is a straight-ahead billiards simulation. If you consider yourself a rookie when it comes to pool, there's a great Lesson mode that teaches all aspects of pool, from aiming shots to jumping balls. The Two-Player mode offers 9-Ball, Rotation, 8-Ball, and 14-1 Continuous games, while the Trick Shot mode lets you execute 30 multiball trick shots you can use to impress your friends. And there's also a Practice mode, where you can perfect your skills. You can also bet against the computer or a friend in nearly all the modes. You can also take on a friend in the Versus mode, or play the Story mode that takes you into the life of a pool hustler, as you try to make a name for yourself and earn some cash. You travel from one pool hall to the next, playing for money and improving your game. POOL HUSTLER is a must for anyone who considers himself a student of the game of pool.

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