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Already released Worldwide [WW] on Sega Master System

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Worldwide [WW]Sega Master System



Porkpolis - the city of flying pigs. Long ago, the flying pigs built large greenhouses to grow leafy greens year round. The pigs are well fed, but they create more waste than the land can handle. The greenhouses are put on gigantic floating platforms which float above a literal sea of... waste. The land below can not support life. But the pigs just keep eating and don't seem to care.

Urchin is a flying pig from this city. Urchin wants to be an explorer. So one day he up and flew into the distance. He saw many interesting lands, but suddenly strange creatures and flying dinnerware came at him. He quickly realized they were trying to eat him! Urchin is flying home - and you can help! Use your light phaser (or control pad) to shoot down foes while Urchin flies home. Protect your pork!

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