Portal 2

Genre: Platform, Puzzle

Sequel to the acclaimed Portal (2007), Portal 2 pits the protagonist of the original game, Chell, and her new robot friend, Wheatley, against more puzzles conceived by GLaDOS, an A.I. with the sole purpose of testing the Portal Gun's mechanics and taking revenge on Chell for the events of Portal. As a result of several interactions and revelations... Read More

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Great 100%

Portal 2 is a first-person action puzzle that has incredible gameplay, amazing atmosphere and very good writing. It makes you feel terrible, like the first one did, and gives you a glance of how disturbed AI might think. The dark humor offers a critique of capitalism and techno-scientific domination. Since the game puzzles envolve physics, gravity and out of the box thinking, it is perfect for learning. The editor tools makes it possible to exp... Read More


You lost your memory, you are alone in a world full of danger, and your mission is survive using your mind. The only way to get out from this hell is.....Hi i'm GLAdOS, and welcome to the amazing world of portal 2, here i will expose you to a lot of tests, and try to k.. help Aperture Science envolve in a new era.
Your job is advance in the levels i propose and get better and better, you will have an portal gun to help you, and remember nothing is impossible if you try, and try again and again and again....
The puzzles are waiting for you!


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This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Chell, a human who is trapped in a scientific testing facility. From a first-person perspective, players solve numerous physical puzzles as they navigate through post-apocalyptic environments. Players use a "portal gun" to open transportation gateways. Throughout the game, players must avoid hazards such as stationary gun turrets, toxic substances, poisonous gas, and giant pistons; some sequences are accompanied by realistic gunfire. Robot droids can also be destroyed; for example, in one boss battle, players must defeat a robot by throwing small bombs. The words "damn" and "hell" can be heard in the dialogue.

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